Utility Room Plumbing

Utility Room Plumbing

Water heaters, sump pumps, hose bib, shutoff valves and more!

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Water Heaters & More

Water Heaters

Daniel The Plumber can help with your Water Heater Repairs and Installations. After 10 years, we recommend replacement over repair. We install most 40-80 gallon gas and electric water heaters. The unit is placed in an aluminum pan and then piped to a floor drain, or sump pump, if available. In the event of a leak, the water will drain out instead of across the floor. Most water heater installs include a lever handle shut-off valve for the cold water going into the tank. And there is a separate smaller expansion tank on the cold water side that works as a pressure cushion for the whole house.

To set the air pressure on the expansion tank, we first need to check the cold water pressure for the house. If the house pressure is above 75-80 psi, then you will need to have your pressure reducing valve replaced. We also recommend a lever handle main water shut- off valve. If your water heater is already 10 or more years old, then we recommend that Daniel The Plumber provide an estimate for its replacement.
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Sump Pumps

Another task Daniel the Plumber often performs in the utility room is the Replacement of your Sump Pump and/or Sewage Ejector Pump. Floor drains and foundation drains bring storm water and condensation water to the sump pump. This is so it can be removed from the house before it floods. When your main sewer exits the home above the lowest floor, then you need an ejector pump. The ejector pump lifts the sewage from the basement drains, back up into the sewer.

Sump pumps and ejector pumps can fail after 5-10 years and will need to be replaced, sometimes sooner depending on how frequently and heavily the pump(s) run. If you do not hear the sump pump when it rains, nor the ejector pump when you are using below-grade drains, then it is time to have your pumps checked. If your pumps are older or unreliable, then you should consider having them replaced and possibly upgraded.
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Hose Bib/Tap and Shut-Off Valves

When the seasons change, the plumber gets waves of requests for help with hose bib issues. Hose bibs usually have some type of backflow prevention device that uses rubber washers, gaskets, and diaphragms. Just like the Kitchen and Bathroom valves and fixtures, the chlorine in the city water will deteriorate these parts over time. It is common to encounter issues where the hose bib or hose tap will not shut off completely, or leaks or sprays in some way while in use. While most believe that faucet issues can be solved with a washer, it is more likely that the backflow device will need repair or replacement.

Newer lever handle hose faucets cannot be repaired once compromised from deterioration or freeze damage. It is particularly important that you know how to empty your hose faucet lines when winter is coming. Ask us about winterization of your hose faucets when we are at your home.

We Keep Your Water Warm

Another Room Daniel The Plumber will often access for home plumbing services is the Utility Room. It is common to find the most important parts of your home plumbing system here. These include your main water shut-off, pressure reducing valve, water heater, sump/ejector pump(s), and hose faucet shut-off valves. Daniel The Plumber is prepared to help identify and remedy most issues with your Water Heater and Utility Room Plumbing. We can also help you understand why some issues occur and how to prevent them in the future

Read out to Daniel the Plumber for expert utility room plumbing for your Water Heater, Sump Pump, and Hose Faucets and more!

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